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Guvava Juice

Circle City Kombucha

Creative Direction
Visual Identity

On a mission to replace as many sodas, energy drinks, and high sugar beverages as they can with their own healthy, natural alternative. I worked with the founders to help them craft an appropriate visual identity for the brand.

The Circle City Kombucha team needed a creative solution to represent their new healthy soda company in Indianapolis, aka the “Circle City". All ingredients are sourced in the Midwest to help keep their community as strong as their bodies. The brand needed to feel easy, approachable, and liberating.


Initial concepts

CCKbnwforcasestudy_Artboard 6 copy.png

Final Logo


The Process

The final logo and corresponding brand elements are representative of their simple, easy, and empowered brand attributes. Focuses throughout development included exploring the circle theme, the state bird, and colors and rays included in the Indiana flag. The final emblem showcases these elements, combined with the bubbles below and the illustrated city skyline above.

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