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Howdy! I'm a hands-on, creative director and strategic brand and product designer living in wonderful Portland, Oregon. I'm currently the Digital Design Lead over at Hinge Health, and before that, I was the Design Director at wisp. I'm a pup-obsessed tea enthusiast who will never say no to a bike ride. I've got a soft spot for mission-driven organizations, startups, and non-profits, and I love nerding out on systems design. I believe elegant minimalism sells. I also believe everyone you meet knows something you don't.

I've had the opportunity to partner with some fantastic clients and studios, too, including 1000watt, Benchmade, Business for a Better Portland, Electronic Arts, Fort West, HUB Collective, IMBA: Int'l Mountain Bike Association, K2 Sports, Lazarus Naturals, Oregon Community Foundation, PDX Bridge Festival, Plastic Sunshine, Providence Health Care, Skylight Collective, Smith & Connors, and UNICEF. The appreciation feels mutual 💗 


my design philosophies


be brave​ ✌️

Don’t be afraid to speak up and express yourself. Embrace the power of your voice.


start with ‘why’ 🤔 

If you can understand your 'why' for each task, project, meeting, doors will open and the rest will follow. 


lead with curiosity 🦋

Don’t make assumptions. Ask all the questions and celebrate your findings.


always be learning 📚

If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. Look at your work from a few years back. Critique, correct, and smile... you're getting better.


go outside 🛶

Inspiration can come from anywhere if you’ve signaled you’re open to receive it.

 Upcoming case studies

🧰  Rethinking Hinge Health's web design kit

Shallin is an extremely talented and passionate Design Director with a natural talent for small details and creating a truly resonant and honest brand. Shallin knows how to create wonderful and worthy brands, packaging and user experiences that ties the entire customer experience together. A natural leader, Shallin also always steps up when there's a business problem that needs to be solved. Shallin helps define team culture and company vision at wisp, and they're lucky to have her. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Shallin again.

Laust Deleuran
Head of Engineering, Boulder Care

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