designer of brands, crafter of visions, believer in unicorns


I'm a creative director and brand consultant, with years of strategy-backed product and brand design experience living in wonderful Portland, Oregon. I'm a pup-obsessed, chai-enthusiast that will never say no to a bike ride. I've got a soft spot for mission-driven organizations, startups, and non-profits and I'm working on being the change I'd like to see. I believe elegant minimalism sells. I also believe everyone you meet knows something you don't.

what I've learned

I've worked both in teams at agencies and have partnered with CEOs and marketing teams of all sizes to help them gain alignment and clarity. I whole-heartedly believe in the importance of sound strategy before design and planning before production. Cultivating great experiences is my bread and butter, both in and out of the studio. 


  • Brand Strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Creative Direction

  • Identity Development / Rebranding

  • Logo Design

  • UX / UI

  • Visual System Design

  • Workshop Facilitation 

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Building an app to best support gardeners in having more successful harvests 


Fun and interactive strategy workshops begin any design adventure we'll have together. These are built to solve a myriad of problems, from brand to digital product development. They help us define your brand personality, who your customers are, and what they care about while also honoring your business' goals to help establish a plan. The design decisions that follow will be directly informed by our time spent together and the research and insights synthesized from folks in our appropriate target market. 

select agencies & clients

1000 Watt


Business for a Better Portland

Context Partners

Electronic Arts

Fort West

Gartrell Group

Harlow Hotel

Hub Collective

IMBA: International Mountain Bike Association

K2 Sports

Oregon Community Foundation

PDX Bridge Festival

Providence Health and Services

Plastic Sunshine

Skylight Collective

Smith & Connors



EV Equity

Developing the strategy and identity for an electric vehicle charging expert focused on curbing climate change 


Personal Explorations 

Collection of captured memories